In Peak Performance Coaching I work with a wide range of clients from C-level executives and serial entrepreneurs to high performers and high-potentials and every stage in between. If you know this is you, contact me now to inquire about the FREE 3 weeks of Peak Performance Coaching offer!*  


I offer a personalized approach for each person based on a proprietary coaching methodology that has its foundation on peer-reviewed research.


In a supportive, yet challenging, atmosphere, I assist clients in attaining the professional and personal growth, as well as the fulfillment, they are striving for.

Sessions are offered in video conference format, on the phone and in person.


We start with an initial assessment and see what your vison of a successful coaching outcome would be. You and I will use these insights as a starting place to build a strong personal foundation and increased mental resiliency as you move forward to your desired vision.


In Coaching, I specialize and/or am certified in the following areas and more:



  • Confidence and Resiliency


  • Communication Skills with Self and Others


  • Social and Self-management as it is related to Emotional Intelligence


  • Professional and Personal Development, Progress and Leadership


  • Behavioral Styles and Strengths


  • Inner Calm, Strength and Fulfillment


  • Achieving Balance


  • Process Development so as to transition from Coaching to Self-Coaching 






My vision is to work alongside all high achievers seeing them achieve all their highest goals, having facilitated the process which allowed them to gain all their victories faster and with less resistance.





*Please inquire about the diffferent coaching packages to get the results you are looking for at the best possible value. Contact me  today


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