Most coaches have a complimnetary/free coaching session for a half-hour to an hour to let you see what coaching is like. My complimentary coaching consultation is a little different. MEMBERS Coaching has a FREE Peak Performance Coaching offer that provides coaching over a 3 week period.* 


Please read on and be sure to contact me on the CONTACT page and request the free offer. 


Everyone has a story to be written. Do I know I can coach you to the story you chose to create, coaching that potential that has catapulted you to where you are now? It’s just intuitive. If the past is the best predictor of the future, I know I can.  


Helping high performers, serial entrepreneurs, C-level executives, all types of high achievers is my story. You being a part of that are the makings of next good chapters in both of our stories.  


Let’s talk and see where the story leads. If it’s a good fit, if I can help you with an immediate goal in a couple hours, you and I will just tackle that pro bono. I have no sales pitch, no trying hook you and reel you in, just pure coaching and getting you to that short-term goal as a free gift from me to you.  


My belief is if we are going to be talking about coaching anyway, the best way to show you how I coach is by actual coaching. If we can accomplish coaching you to your short-term goal in in just a few hours, it is my pleasure to provide that coaching free of charge.


If it’s a longer term vision, something more involved, and you and I are a good fit, we can talk about an agreement that is right for both of us. I look forward to working together soon. 


*slots are limited to first come, first serve, subject to scheduling availability; any/all offers may be rescined/revoked at any time

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